Best Smokeless Indoor Grill in 2022

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Barbecues are often associated with warm, sunny weather and spending time in the backyard, but not everyone has this option. However, indoor grilling has become increasingly popular since it minimizes smoke emissions, improves food quality, and allows you to test out different recipes.

As there are many appliances to choose from, finding the best smokeless indoor grill for your home can be challenging. We’ve created a roundup of five indoor grills and outlined their benefits and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision. We’ve also covered what aspects to examine when shopping for an indoor grill.

Comparison Chart

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Cuisinart GR-300WSP1 Elite Griddler, Stainless Steel
41GYjqsVUrL. SL500
PowerXL Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid with Interchanable Griddle Plate and Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology. Make Tender Char-grilled Meals Inside With Virtually No Smoke (Stainless Steel Pro with Hinged Lid)
Techwood Smokeless Grill 1500W indoor Grill
513Na4vBreL. SL500
Gotham Steel Indoor Smokeless Grill Electric Grill Ultra Nonstick Electric Grill Dishwasher Safe Surface, Temp Control, Metal Utensil Safe, Barbeque Indoors with No Smoke!
41tAt4MCW2L. SL500
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window and Removable Easy-to-Clean Nonstick Plate, 6-Serving, Extra-Large Drip Tray, Stainless Steel (25361)

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill: Reviews

Cuisinart Elite Electric Griddle

41giMLaSWbL. SL500

Cuisinart’s electric griddle is a stylish and functional solution if you’re looking for an indoor grill to expand your at-home menus.

Product Highlights

Quick and easy to assemble, this product is a great way to take your cooking skills to the next level. Its six preset options can tackle any recipe, allowing you to griddle, panini press, grill, and top melt delicious snacks and meals.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the appliance. Thanks to the stainless steel cover, this multipurpose griddle can fend off corrosion, requiring little maintenance and lasting for years to come. Additionally, you can maneuver the cover into an optimal position using the sturdy handle and prepare thick foods other appliances struggle with. So whether you’re in the mood for fish tacos, grilled vegetables, or tomato bruschetta, this griddle will perfect the recipe every time.

Another benefit that takes the hassle out of cooking is the electronic display, which lets users multitask using the dual temperature control feature. For example, you can griddle fluffy breakfast pancakes on one plate while grilling chicken and potatoes without worrying about ruining your meals. The display monitors plate temperature, notifying users with a “READY” message. Also, the LC display has a “preheat” option, minimizing the risk of undercooking your food.

Cuisinart is confident in the quality of its product and backs the griddle with a three-year limited warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.

What I Like

This indoor grill will work for newbies and seasoned home chefs in their kitchen adventures. The nonstick plates enable users to quickly flip sandwiches, steaks, and vegetables, ensuring that the texture and flavor match their preferences. Moreover, the product is an excellent option for people who are always on the go but crave a delicious steak. The “sear” function bumps up the temperature to a maximum of 500°F, significantly reducing the cooking time to enjoy a well-done steak in under 10 minutes.

Cleaning the appliance is also a non-issue since the removable drip tray captures excess grease and oil and prevents it from damaging the electrical components. Not only is the drip tray dishwasher-safe, but so are the plates and scraping tool designed for eliminating stubborn food buildup.

What I Don’t Like

Although this smokeless indoor grill comes with nonstick cooking plates, sticky food items like cheeses and other dairy products may still cling to the plates. While the scraping tool is pretty efficient at removing leftover food, it might not always be enough to clean the plates thoroughly. In that case, the best solution is to pop the plates into the dishwasher until they’re pristine.


  • Nonstick griddle plates
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Dishwasher-safe plates, scraping tool, and drip tray
  • 3-year limited warranty


Might be difficult to remove some leftover food

PowerXL Smokeless Grill

41GYjqsVUrL. SL500

The PowerXL Smokeless Grill upgrades your kitchen, transforming it into an ideal grilling area perfect for preparing tasty barbecue food all year.

Product Highlights

The compact appliance comes with a cross-hatch patterned nonstick plate that doesn’t grip food when you try to remove it. You don’t have to saturate the plate with oil to separate it from your sandwich or steak. Simply use tongs or a fork to pick up your food, and the plate will release it instantly. However, the appliance was built to accommodate users’ personal preferences. You can add a few drops of oil or lemon juice to enhance the flavor without creating a sticky mess on the plate.

This indoor grill will tick all your boxes if you’re not a fan of hand-washing your cooking appliances. So whether you’ve whipped up a batch of burgers or breakfast crepes, there’s no need to wash the plate. Instead, just put it in the dishwasher, and it will come out ready to take on more challenging recipes.

With this grill on your countertop, you’ll be able to create high-end restaurant-quality meals without leaving your kitchen. The plate boasts excellent heat distribution features that ensure all food items on the plate are cooked at optimal temperatures.

Excess fat has nowhere to go with traditional models and gets trapped between the food and the plate, ruining your barbecue’s flavor. But this PowerXL grill is equipped with a drip tray that captures oozing fat, refining the meat’s texture and taste.

With temperature controls from 200° to 450°F, you can experiment with more demanding recipes without spending too much time on meal prep. In addition, once you preheat the appliance, it will easily handle frozen items, so there’s no need to spend hours defrosting them.

What I Like

While outdoor barbecuing is a fun spring and summer experience, the smoke from the wood or charcoal is a significant drawback. It lowers the air quality and irritates the eyes, making it challenging to enjoy the warm sunny day. However, PowerXL’s product features a high-tech fan that purifies indoor air, removing excess heat and smoke. This is convenient for people suffering from asthma or similar conditions for whom air quality is a top priority.

What I Don’t Like

Although this compact grill will fit into a tight space and is convenient to store, its size could be a downside for some users. For two-person households, this appliance will meet all their cooking needs. However, if you’re organizing a larger get-together, be prepared to cook the food in smaller batches. Users who have a tight schedule and prefer to cook for more people may benefit from a grill with more plate space.


  • Smokeless grilling with nonstick plate
  • Comes with a removable drip tray
  • Even heat distribution
  • Dishwasher-safe plate


Smaller option

Techwood Smokeless Grill 1500W

This smokeless grill provides a smoke-free cooking experience, allowing you to indulge in healthy grilled food in a pleasant atmosphere.

Product Highlights

With temperature controls from 220° to 450°F, the appliance elevates the rich flavors of meat and vegetables. The LED control panel is easy to operate, and you can tweak the temperature levels to boost the texture and juiciness of your food. What’s more, the cleanup process takes less than one minute. If stray grease or oil gets onto the display, don’t worry. Turn off the grill and wipe the display with a damp cloth.

Another attractive feature is the nonstick surface. When grilling soft vegetables or burgers, you’ll only need a trusty pair of tongs or a spatula to transfer the food onto your plate. The grilling area doesn’t grip the food too firmly, so it won’t break apart once you try to remove it. You can adopt a healthier diet by using less oil and adding more crispy veggies to your menu. But if you want to make the food chewier, feel free to pour a bit of oil over the plate. The removable drip tray underneath the grilling surface will trap extra fat and keep the appliance and kitchen mess-free. Since the tray and plate are dishwasher-safe, you won’t have to waste time and energy scraping off stubborn leftovers.

What I Like

Techwood designed this product to capture up to 92% of grilling smoke so that only the mouthwatering smells of tender and juicy food waft through the home. Select your preferred temperature setting and grill fish, chicken, potatoes, or fruit without stressing about smoke permeating your space. Since the smoke-eliminating fan isn’t connected to the temperature settings, you can activate it when needed.

What I Don’t Like

The large grilling surface lets you stack up to half a dozen steaks, which may work for dinner parties with friends and family. However, it might not be the best fit for two-person households or people who enjoy preparing smaller portions.

Also, when you first turn on the appliance, it takes a while to activate the air purification system. So be prepared to face a bit of smoke for the first few minutes.


  • Grills fruit, veggies, and meat without difficulty
  • Smoke-free experience
  • Easy-to-operate temperature controls
  • Removable drip tray included
  • Nonstick grilling area


  • Some smoke when you first use the appliance
  • Large plate is not the best for two or three-person households

Gotham Steel Indoor Smokeless Grill

513Na4vBreL. SL500

Master indoor barbecuing with the Gotham Steel Indoor Smokeless Grill.

Product Highlights

This affordable product gives you complete control over how well-done your meat and vegetables will be with its four temperature settings. Moreover, the electric grill provides optimal heat distribution since the heating element stretches across the entire grilling surface. As a result, you can prepare various meals from chicken, fish, and burgers to pork chops and steak.

The nonstick titanium and ceramic plate releases cooked food instantly. As a result, removing tender food is hassle-free and can be done using tongs or a fork. Thanks to the ceramic coating, you can minimize your oil or butter use and make healthier diet choices. It also means you won’t have to clean leftovers that get soaked in too much oil and stick to the plate. Additionally, this top coat bolsters the grill’s durability, making the plate resistant to damage like scratches, so you can flip your steak with metal utensils. Finally, this smokeless indoor grill exterior features aluminum construction that ensures a long life with minimal wear and tear.

What I Like

The appliance comes with a removable drip tray with a dual purpose. It stores the extra oils and fats from your food and enhances the flavor of each bite. The tray also cools the oil while cooking, minimizing smoke production and maintaining air quality. Whether grilling hot dogs or melting candy, the functional tray provides a smoke-free cooking environment.

Another benefit of this indoor grill is that all components are dishwasher-safe except for the temperature dial. However, if you prefer hand-washing your kitchen appliances, soak a cloth in soapy water, and use it to get rid of leftover food with no trouble at all.

What I Don’t Like

The grill requires more time to warm up, and preparing a well-done steak can take as long as half an hour. This may not be a dealbreaker if you like to take your time in the kitchen. But it could be a significant inconvenience for users who are on the go and need an indoor grill that can keep up with their schedule. Moreover, there are better and more efficient smoke-eliminating options on the market, and the grill may produce some smoke when you choose the maximum temperature level.


  • Ceramic coat prevents scratches
  • Dishwasher-safe elements
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Nonstick plate releases food without oil or butter


  • Not the best smoke-eliminating option
  • Takes more time to cook food

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

41tAt4MCW2L. SL500

Another reliable model is the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill.

Product Highlights

This indoor appliance is optimal for various cooking needs, tackling different foods from mushrooms, peppers, and scallops to chicken, beef, and pork. The handy grill takes the guesswork out of meal prep as the light indicators alert you when the plate has reached the desired temperature. Additionally, it takes only a few minutes to assemble the appliance, making it more convenient than bulkier outdoor options.

The nonstick ceramic plate prevents food from getting stuck and minimizes excess buildup. Dishwasher-safe and removable, you can place the plate in the dishwasher without worrying about shortening its lifespan.

What I Like

The grill reaches a maximum heat of 450°F, keeping flavor-enhancing juices from escaping the food and providing it with a soft, tender texture. If you’re unsure about your cooking skills, this indoor grill allows you to monitor the process from start to finish through the lid window. It minimizes the possibility of overcooking your meals, and you can easily switch to a lower temperature by turning the control switch.

Another beneficial feature is the drip tray. Once you slip it beneath the grilling area, it catches excess oils and fat, keeping your countertop mess-free. Then, when you power down the appliance, slide out the tray and pop it into the dishwasher for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

What I Don’t Like

Although the sturdy lid traps heat and smoke inside the appliance, it may obscure your view, so monitoring the food through the lid window could be more challenging. Additionally, the product comes with a short cord, so make sure there are sockets near your kitchen counter. Finally, some smoke might escape the grill when using the highest temperature.


  • Lid window to monitor cooking
  • Removable dishwasher-safe tray
  • Easily adjust temperature levels


  • Short plugin cord
  • Not completely smokeless

Buyer’s Guide

Our cooking appliances should help create nutritious and healthy food that improves our lifestyle, so it’s essential to consider several factors before committing to a grill. To help you better understand which is the best smokeless indoor grill for you, we’ll outline the key aspects that should guide you towards your perfect match.

Smoke Level

Most indoor models emit about 80% less smoke than outside grills, but manufacturers have also introduced appliances whose smoke reduction exceeds 90%. Although they usually come with a water tray that boosts air purification, some grills also have a removable lid. Once the lid is off, the appliance works like a regular outdoor grill, so expect to wave away some smoke. However, when you cover the grilling area, the lid contains the smoke, so you can use it in the kitchen without polluting the home’s air.

A grill with a removable cover might be the best choice if you’re looking for a multipurpose appliance. Users who plan on grilling only at home should look for a product that lowers smoke production by at least 90%.

Heat Distribution

One of the most important factors when shopping for an indoor grill is its heat distribution. The cooking surface needs optimal heat distribution if you want to treat yourself to evenly cooked food using the grill.

Electrical grills typically don’t struggle with cooking food evenly, but you can always test your grill by cooking both sides of a piece of meat. When one side is significantly more undercooked than the other, it’s time to retire your grill and invest in a newer model.

Ease of Use

Another aspect to consider is how easy it is to operate the grill. More basic options don’t have advanced features but allow you to tweak the cooking temperature through the control switch.

If you’re ready to take your cooking to the next level, go for a model with more advanced features like a LED display and several built-in cooking functions. The advanced features take some time to get used to, but you shouldn’t have difficulty handling the appliance after the first few grilling sessions.


A smaller grill will work when cooking for one or two people, but three or four-person households require a larger grilling plate. The industry standard for indoor grill plates is between 60-200 square inches, and you can effortlessly prepare a meal for three people using a 100-square-inch grill. You can still grill tasty food on an 80-square-inch plate for a larger group of people if you’re prepared to grill several smaller batches.


When purchasing an indoor grill, make sure it has nonstick plates and a removable drip tray. Also, check which components are dishwasher-safe. A trusty indoor grill can make life easier and minimize cleanup time.


Is an Indoor Electric Grill Truly Smokeless?

Most electrical grills won’t eliminate smoke entirely. They typically emit trace amounts of smoke when cooking thicker pieces of meat. But with their high-temperature settings, you won’t need to spend a long time grilling your steak. Additionally, when making sandwiches or crispy veggies, you won’t notice any smoke coming from your indoor electric grill.

Is It Safe to Use My Electric Grill Indoors?

Electric grills are entirely safe for indoor use. Since they’re powered by electricity, they’re easier to set up and operate than outdoor open-flame models. Moreover, many appliances with a built-in timer notify you when the selected cooking time has elapsed, making overcooking the food a non-issue. The timer also reduces the risk of accidents and boosts home safety.

How Healthy Is Indoor Grilling?

Switching to indoor grilling is an excellent way of changing your diet and making healthier meal choices. Propane or charcoal outdoor grills produce carbon particles that penetrate the food. For example, when the underside of meat looks slightly burned, there’s increased carbon accumulation. Carbon deposits are carcinogenic and negatively impact our health. However, electric grills lower carbon production and help you prepare healthy food with a rich flavor and appetizing appearance.

Is It Possible to Use My Indoor Grill Out In The Yard?

Taking an outdoor grill inside is dangerous since open flames present a safety hazard. But an electric grill fares well both in the kitchen and in the backyard. If it comes with a long cord, you can turn it on and spend the day barbecuing outside. You can even take it camping or on trips to whip up a tasty snack that will satisfy your hunger and energize you for the next leg of the journey.

Can I Sear Steaks and Burgers On My Indoor Electric Grill?

Indoor grills are handy for searing meat like steaks and burgers without an unpleasant smoky odor. After preheating the grill to 425˚F, you won’t need to prepare a delicious well-done streak for more than 10 minutes. Some models also come with a built-in “sear” function, ideal for tackling thicker pieces of meat. To achieve that attractive outdoor barbecue look, leave your steak or burger on the plate until it gets brownish sear marks.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best smokeless indoor grill is an important decision that can significantly improve the quality of your food and allow you to cut down on cooking time. However, selecting an appliance that fits your needs can be overwhelming with many options available.

If you’re just dipping your toes into indoor grilling, we recommend going for the Techwood Smokeless Grill. This practical product is equipped with a large plate that will quickly bring out the flavor of different meats and vegetables.

Those who enjoy preparing smaller meals for one or two people should consider purchasing the PowerXL Smokeless Grill. The appliance has all the features necessary for a carefree user experience and is compact enough to fit into the tightest areas of your cupboard.

We hope this article has cleared up any lingering confusion about indoor grills and helped you find the best smokeless option for your home.

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